GiGi’s Cupcakes

One of my weaknesses is a great cupcake topped with even better butter-cream icing.  I’ve considered myself a cupcake expert sitting in the office at Whiskey Blue devouring leftover cupcakes with my fellow cupcake fiend who’s name will remain anonymous (you know who you are).  We came across some of GiGi’s cupcakes after an engagement party left some to the staff.  I became an instant fan.  I haven’t found an occasion to buy a $3.00 cupcake since then.  Thankfully I have a birthday party to go to and a Living Social coupon for half a dozen of these creations.  I may have bought an extra one to munch on so I don’t show up to the party with 5 instead of 6 cupcakes.  Just devoured the Champagne cupcake, so delicious.  For your next party I highly recommend these cupcakes.  They are easy on the eyes and are loaded with icing.  Click HERE for the daily Buckhead menu

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